Different Journeys, One Destination


Not sure what you think about God? Click on the images below to read four very different journeys towards knowing Jesus.

I thought I was happy...but a lack of peace was always trying to conquer me...
— Anelise
I felt drawn to thinking of spiritual things, but it was all complicated by the hypocrisy I saw around me...
— Tylor
I grew up in a Buddhist family, but I couldn’t really bring myself to fully believe in it...
— Linh
I believed I just needed to be good and do good...but now God is transforming me...
— Soon Li

From China? Brazil? Japan? Minneapolis?
Whether you believe in God or are still trying to figure things out,
we invite you to journey with us.

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SVC is an international church that exists to know God's presence and make his presence known, seeking spiritual growth in the context of community

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