Different Journeys, One Destination

Have you ever looked at "religious" people and just thought, that's not me?

At SVC we love to celebrate the many different types of people and the journeys to Jesus represented in our congregation. We welcome the cautious, curious, quirky, bold, uncertain! We honor all the beauty and messiness of family, and would love to see you find a home in our community.

Below are a few stories from our family.

Soon Li from Malaysia became a Christian during his years at University fo Wisconsin, Madison.

Soon Li:
Good Enough to Get to Heaven, Right?

Who needs "salvation"?

I was brought up in a Buddhist background, and for the most part although I had thought about religion and issues relating to life after death, the idea of "salvation" had never occurred to me.

Honestly, I lived a self-centered life and thought that I didn’t need God. I believed that I just needed to be good and to do good to go to heaven. Despite being surrounded by Christian friends who attempted to share the gospel, I was never convinced by their approach or by how they lived their lives.

I had many questions that I didn't feel anyone could answer very adequately. I would ask,

“You mean I could go to heaven even if I killed 10,000 people and then came to Christ, but a person who lives a ‘good’ life but doesn't follow Christ won't?”

It seemed utterly ridiculous and irrational to me.

About nine months after I set foot in the US, I met Huey Yee. Due to our common interest in science and religion, we talked a lot about these issues, but when she started sharing the gospel, my reaction was a big NO.

Medical Emergency and Christian Love

In the summer of 2009, Huey Yee had a life-threatening medical complication and underwent a major surgery. That incident strained her relationship with God, but during her recovery, many Christian people unknown to us took great care of her. For two weeks, there were people knocking on her apartment door every meal to deliver home-cooked food, at no charge. Slowly but surely, I was touched by their action for I had never experienced such a love before.

That was a turning point in my life and I began to attend a local church every week. But when I told my mom about my exposure to Christianity, she responded negatively and then my interest to know God quickly declined.

But God never gave up on me.

Wrestling With my Doubts

In October 2010, Dawn and Randy, an amazing Christian couple, organized a weekend trip to Milwaukee. They arranged for me to spend two nights at the house of a man named Pastor Noah. It's funny the little things God uses to touch us. During our time there, a large German Shepherd who was also staying with the pastor bit him...apparently without malintent, but it did shake me.

Pastor Noah spent a long time responding to the many questions I had about Christianity. Even though many of my other questions had been answered through careful research and discussion, I was still stuck on this one:

“What do I have to do to be a Christian? I mean, I certainly have to be a ‘good’ person before I join you Christians on board, right?”

As Pastor Noah further explained the meaning of the gospel, my heart and mind opened to Jesus. (For resources responding to some of my questions, check out the links below.)

He offered to pray for me, and during this time the German Shepherd suddenly came thundering towards me. At the same moment, deep in my heart, I felt an indescribable sense of security and protection from God. And indeed, not only did the dog not bite me, he licked my tears, seeking to comfort me. This evening re-engaged the trembling faith that had started during Huey Yee's recovery.

Even more thankfully, my faith in Christ actually worked to rebuild Huey Yee’s relationship with God. It is just amazing to see God’s double mission of adopting me, and bringing Huey Yee back to His side.

This Thing is Changing Me

Ever since that leap of faith, my life began to experience a sort of transformation. I am no longer alone in whatever I do. In times of impatience and frustration, just whispering his name calms me. Back in the old days when I was waiting for buses, I sometimes got frustrated. But these days while at the bus stops, I feel this strong internal presence of God that He is always by my side. And at times when I feel my academic results don't reflect the effort I put in, I seek comfort knowing that God has a better message that He wants me to reach for.

Nowadays, even when life is busy, I am constantly improving on my relationship with God and striving to make him as my biggest priority.

It gets better

The above is my testimony v1.0. The v2.0 includes stories of my dad’s hostile response to my Christian faith, our (Huey Yee and I) difficult transition to the University of Minnesota, and God’s provision in that came in multiple ways. I would be happy to share with you God’s work in my life, and why I truly believe He is my Savior, both experientially and rationally.

Links to Resources

There are plenty of intellectuals in all realms–science, philosophy, psychology, etc.–who are thoughtful followers of Jesus. Below are some links to sites that may be helpful to you.





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