Different Journeys, One Destination

Have you ever looked at "religious" people and just thought, that's not me?

At SVC we love to celebrate the many different types of people and the journeys to Jesus represented in our congregation. We welcome the cautious, curious, quirky, bold, uncertain! We honor all the beauty and messiness of family, and would love to see you find a home in our community.

Below are a few stories from our family.

Brazilian Student Moves Past Religion to True Relationship With Jesus

Better Than What I Thought I Wanted

Life Seemed Fine

I grew up going to church and that was part of my routine. But I did not take God into account in my daily life. Every decision I made was based on what I thought was good and also based on what my parents would think (but honestly, in the end, it was really what I wanted to do).

My religion was going to church on Sundays and doing good things when convenient

Deep inside, I always knew the truth. All the years of going to church taught me who God and Jesus were and that Jesus would come back. And I was always afraid of the day that Jesus would return because I knew I was not living a life that would bring joy to God. But when these fears came, I would focus on other things and move on. I should say that life seemed good to me. I thought I was happy: I had many friends and a good education. However, fear, anxiety, and a lack of peace were always trying to conquer me. I kept trying to deal with these feelings but almost always I failed.

Seeing Something I Wanted

One day, one of my cousins sent me an email about his experience since he became a Christian. The one big feeling I got from that email was that my cousin was at peace. I really wanted to have peace in my heart too

The one thing that pushed me away from Christianity was my current lifestyle. I preferred to have a good time with my friends no matter the consequences.

But I started to study the Bible with my cousin, and I was able to ask all of the questions I had. In these Bible studies I started to get to know Jesus, and during quiet times of prayer I started to develop a more intimate relationship with Him.

Reorganizing my MInd to Trust

After my conversion, my life changed dramatically and it was hard for some of my friends to understand what was going on with me. Some friendship endured… some did not. But God’s plans are perfect and now I have great friends that love me and respect my choice to live for Jesus.

Another challenge was recognizing how to live a life that would bring joy to God. Sometimes what I thought was the best choice for me was not exactly what God had in mind for me. So it was a challenge to reorganize my mind and to trust that God’s ways are better than my ways.

I know that God’s plans for me are the best! God’s plans are better than my own plans and are also better than my family’s plan. So trusting that God will guide my steps has helped to be in peace in life. 

God is the King of the Universe, but he cares about each one of us and he is waiting for us to have a deep and intimate relationship with him!


Have you ever wondered why, if life seems mostly ok, you even need God? And what is this peace that Anelise talked about? Below are some links to sites that may be helpful to you.





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