Who knows your name?

Coming to a campus like UMN can be overwhelming. There are incredible teachers and well-published researchers, acres of buildings and crowds of people. The rush of student life can also bring with it doubts and questions as new ideas and experiences come our way.

So how will you stay grounded in this intense new life?

We believe that life was meant to be done together in community, like a family. That's why we don't just preach a sermon and send you on your way...we offer Sunday lunches and small group bible studies and resources to strengthen your faith. Join us as we grow together!


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I am from Brazil and I miss my family and friends a lot. But God has used many people from SVC to be my family here in the US. 

I love how there are people in this church who truly care about me. When I needed to go grocery shopping, someone was there to take me. When I was lonely, I had a friend come to my house and watch a movie with me. When I have questions about the Bible I can ask my SVC friends and they help me. When I need prayer, I can email and call my SVC friends to ask for help.

Being a part of small groups, Bible studies, and discipleship has helped to know more about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the importance of community. In my discipleship I would meet every week with a friend and talk about the Bible study we were doing, but also talk about struggles I was having in life. It was very good to have a Christian friend to confide in and ask questions of, and we have often been able to encourage each other.

In small groups I got to know God’s word better, but they also helped me to understand the importance of Christian community. God gave me so many friends in SVC and they have been a huge blessing to me and have encouraged me so much in my life. Being part of this Christian family has helped me to better understand God’s love for me!

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What is worth your deepest study?

What will bring you the greatest satisfaction in life?

We invite you to join us Sundays this fall as we dive into the BELIEVE sermon series. More information here.