Lowell Busman

For many years Lowell Busman was an instructor and researcher at the Oklahoma State and also at the University of Minnesota in the Agricultural Sciences department. During that time the draw towards ministry increased and he left soil sciences to study at Bethel Seminary and then join the SVC staff. Lowell and his wife Carol have two grown children, Timothy and Christina. In his spare time Pastor Lowell enjoys running, carpentry, and reading.

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Gretchen Christopherson
Education Coordinator

Gretchen helps determine and implement curriculum for SVC. Many of the children and attendees at SVC are still learning English, and Gretchen's time teaching in Asia has prepared her to understand their unique needs. Even after trekking through ten different countries Gretchen still loves to travel and wants to see more of our world. She also enjoys reading, singing, cooking, and putting her Fine Arts degree to work in creative projects.

Livia Hess
Office Administrator 

Livia is currently a sophomore at the University of Minnesota and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering. Every week she gets to interact with seekers and believers of various cultural backgrounds, which is just one reason she loves working at SVC.

Henry Middleton
Music Director

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