Reaching Campus Together

Your giving empowers Stadium Village Church to reach the international and student communities at the University of Minnesota. Thank you for loving this campus! 

To give Online:

Thank you for your donation! We hope you enjoy the convenience of online giving.  We are switching to Paypal as a provider of these services with the goal of lowering transaction fees.  Please consider adding an additional amount to your gift to cover the fees. (2.2% of the total and a flat fee of $.30) 

If you're making a large donation, you may consider giving by check in the service or having your bank send payment via bill pay. 

If you have any questions about our online donation system or bill pay, please contact Jeffery Wang:

Thanks again for your generous donation to Stadium Village Church. We are very grateful! 

To Give by Check:

Make checks out to Stadium Village Church and mail to:

Stadium Village Church
501 SE Oak Street
Minneapolis, MN 55414

To Give Onsite:

Drop checks or cash into the offering basket that is passed each Sunday morning.