Dis·ci·ple: a follower; or a student of a teacher, leader, or philosopher; one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.

When & Where:

Weekly or bi-weekly
Time set between you and Discipler

Pastor Lowell Busman
Barbara Fadirepo

Stadium Village Church, or
Location as set by you and Discipler

The Purpose:

Jesus didn't command his followers to go out and “make believers”, but to “make disciples”. Are you a disciple of Jesus? Are you helping to make other disciples?

We want to invite you to grow into Jesus' calling on your life to be a disciple.

Staff and ministry partners in our church are equipped and excited to meet with you on a regular, one-on-one basis for discipleship, which is the process of helping you grow in your faith.

What You Will Study:

Materials are chosen based on the previous learning of those involved.

Some will start with an introduction to the basics of following Jesus, others will dive right into studying what it means to help others grow in knowing Jesus.

Are you interested in getting involved in discipleship?  Let us know . . .

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