Sermon Series: To Be the Church (starting 4/23)

As a church, we have made some important decisions and are faced with more decisions that are exciting and important. Facing these decisions has caused us to reexamine what God is calling this church to be and to do.

In the book “The Purpose Driven Church,” Rick Warren gives five purposes of the church based on the “First and Greatest Commandment,” the “Second Commandment,” and the “Great Commission.” From these, the church’s purposes are to love God, love our neighbors, go and make disciples, baptize new believers into the community of faith, and teach people to obey all that Jesus taught.

The First and Greatest Commandment, to love God with all of our being, was given in the book of Deuteronomy and was then quoted by Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew and Mark. Interestingly, the command to love God is not really found elsewhere in the Bible. Rather, loving God is the expected response to our coming to know God’s love for us. Jesus told His disciples on the last night He had with His disciples that He loved them as the Father loves Him. That is incredible but true.

In order to know the love of God and thereby come to love God ourselves, we have to get to know God. In John 15, Jesus describes the relationship he is offering to us His followers. He spoke to them of “abiding” in Him and He abiding in them. That offer is for us as well. God desires to talk with us – for us to speak to Him and listen for Him to speak to us. Abiding in Jesus Christ means communicating with Him.

How is that going for you? Do you actually enjoy time with God in prayer? That is God’s intent – for there to be a communication with us that He and we enjoy. We wouldn’t want to miss it every day.

Feel free to comment – maybe share your thoughts on how you communicate with God.


Pastor Lowell