Life is a journey...who's walking with you?

How do you actually become the person Jesus is calling you to be? What does that even look like? What happens when life gets hard and your faith seems irrelevant?

At SVC we believe that in order to experience the “abundant life” Jesus promised we must walk together in community. We aren't afraid of tough questions and respect your desire to seek God honestly through the big questions of life. Many of our members attended for a year or two before they were ready to say “Jesus is my God”. We want to walk with you on this journey.

Small groups are for:

  • People who are not sure what they believe but want to learn more
  • Anyone who wants to dig deeper in the Word
  • Those who want to be challenged to grow

As we grow in authentic relationships, challenging and encouraging one another our roots sink down into the truth that Jesus is our greatest treasure, and in knowing Him together we find our purpose and direction. Small groups are the place to make that happen.

Amy Temp small version.jpg


I've always found it harder to find people to connect with at church than at school or work...because you don't see them as much, building relationships doesn't seem as natural. When we first tried out the couple's group I was hesitant because everyone seemed to already know each other and I was afraid we would just be extras.

Now, over a year later, I am so glad we stuck it out and took the time to get to know our group. As we study together I've been challenged in my walk with God and also encouraged by the others as we share about life's bumps in the road and pray for one another.