When & Where:

Not currently running, but stay tuned for future offerings!

Donna Liew

SVC Commons
(Lower level of the church)

What Is Alpha?

Free dinner at 6:30 PM. 

Two worship songs - we promise you'll like this!

A short talk or video on the night's topic

We'll be in small groups to discuss the topic with other people who have similar interests and questions

Why Do I Want to Go?

So you're learning all kinds of knowledge in school about accounting or physics or marketing and it's really important.

But school isn't going to address this bigger issues of life: 

  • What could be more important than my job and family...nothing, right?
  • What is my purpose?
  • What do I do when life doesn't go the way I expected?

We believe that as you explore Jesus and his plan for your life, your perspective will shift and you will see these things with a whole new understanding. 

Why Alpha is Worth Your Time:

“It's such a great, open environment...You can speak your mind.”

“It felt like a weight was slowly being lifted...”

Weekly Topics:  

Week 1:  Who is Jesus?

Week 2:  Why did Jesus die?

Week 3:  How can we have faith?

Week 4:  Why and how do I pray?

Week 5:  Why and how should I read the Bible?

Week 6:  How does God guide us?

Week 7:  How can I resist evil?

Week 8:  Why & how should we tell others?

Week 9:  Does God heal today?

Week 10:  What about the Church?

“No one ever taught me the idea that God loved me...”

“I felt so totally unworthy to be accepted by God, because I've done some bad things in my life.”

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