Reformed, Bible-Based and Spirit-Led

What is is like to worship with people of many tongues, peoples and nations? It's beautiful, messy, stretching, and incredibly fulfilling. Here's our story.


Stadium Village Church (formerly Bethany Presbyterian) began as a mission Sunday School in 1888 and has reached out to the community around the University of Minnesota for over 100 years. 

International Outreach

In the late 90's loving international students through English classes, home meals, and grocery runs turned SVC into a truly international church, where internationals not only attend but also serve in ministry. 


People from many denominations attend and minister through SVC, all gathering around a love for internationals and commitment to the following principles:

  • Scripture as supreme
  • Reformed theology
  • Spirit-led and Spirit-filled ministry
  • Evangelical outreach

We are a Presbyterian church.

Charismatic that a thing?

At SVC we affirm the core beliefs of the Reformed faith. We have also come to see that the Holy Spirit actively empowers God's people for ministry today, and that all gifts listed in Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12 are available to the church today. 

These gifts must be exercised under the authority of scripture and the leadership of the church, with love for others as the motivation for their outworking.

We recognize that the abuses of these gifts over the years has caused confusion and distaste among many, and so we seek to actively examine how scripture would call us to practice these gifts, not in accordance with any one church's tradition but according to scriptural guidelines.

Statement of Faith.

Crossing Barriers

When you visit SVC you'll notice that we work hard to make our Sunday mornings and events as accessible to people of all cultures and language abilities as possible. 


  • Headsets for simultaneous Chinese translation available
  • Clear sermon notes to facilitate ESL attendees
  • Sunday School teachers accustomed to teaching children still learning English


  • Multiple nations represented on decision-making Elder and Trustee boards
  • Music from the nations represented in our congregation
  • Regular opportunities to hear members share their faith journeys, and how the Truth of the Gospel reached into their specific cultural and historical framework.


  • Cross section of generations represented on Elder and Trustee boards
  • Education hour study with all generations involved
  • Church-wide events influenced by the recommendations of all generations represented

Interested in learning more about SVC?

Check out our Core Values page and our History page.